Introducing our New Features to Assist Your Work!
Utilize Various Tools to Increase Productivity!

Convenient Meetings Anywhere

Remote PC

Freely access necessary files or programs by remotely connecting to your PC. More productivity at a lower cost.

Multiple Devices

Participate in a conference using various devices like VR Headsets, PCs, and smartphones. Connect right away with any available device. *Mobile version scheduled to launch at a later date


Open files uploaded on the web storage during virtual meetings without having to use a PC. You can also separate your storage into personal & team storage, granting you a high level of security.

Effective Tools to Assist Work

Screen & Widget

Place various widgets on your screen to aid your work. Set up multiple screens to look at your work at a glance, or share your screen on a public screen so your colleagues can see it.


Freely express your idears using the whiteboard widget. Share your whiteboard screen and start brainstorming with your colleagues.

Stricky Notes

Write an inportant memo on the Stick Notes widget so you never forget again. Feel free to place & swap notes as you like.

Collaboration & Communication


Avatar faces can speak louder than written words. How about high-fiving your fellow workers? Laugh or look surprised by selecting a facial expression.

Spatial Audio

The volume of your conversation changes depending on how close you are to your colleague, allowing you to communicate as if you were back in the real world.

Team System

Enter team-exclusive spaces after joining a team. You may share confidential files via the team storage. You can manage a team more efficiently if you are a team leader.

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