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Welcome to VRaum Meet!

Meet and collaborate in virtual meeting rooms.

Collaboration for Cool Cats

Virtual Spaces

Meeting in a room above the ocean? Inviting colleagues to your cozy pad? VRaum Meet will take you inside your imagination!

My Own Avatar

Choose your own avatar. Express yourself with facial expressions. Try smiling when your colleague says something funny!


Talk to your colleagues as if they're right next to you. Say hi to other guys. Great ideas might come from idle chit-chat!

Convenient Work

Hold meeting whenever, wherever. Use widgets to get work done fast. Download files using remote access.

Multiple Devices

Access our services on various platforms such as PC and smartphone. Expect compatibility with more devices in the future.

Expanding Spaces

We are creating several meeting spaces & convenient tools so that you may fully experience realistic graphics in a limitless space.

Convenient Tools for Remote Conferences

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