Bring your real-life and virtual life together!
We will provide a new virtual reality (VR) service with Cloud VR and next-generation VR glasses.
A new paradigm in the VR industry, which prevents dizziness and features a crystal-clear screen, will be offered for a truly next-generation VR service.
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VRaum Cloud
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Go on a journey to the realistic VR world with the more convenient and vivid VR transfer/virtualization solution VRaum Cloud.
Real Tennis
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Welcome to the realistic tennis in the virtual world. Join our realistic tennis with your friends in the virtual world. You can play tennis on a variety of courts including grass, clay, and hard courts. Get trophies based on the Winning Points you get for every win. You can also play with friends on various platforms, including Steam and Oculus Quest 2.
VRaum Meet
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Next Generation remote work. Provide efficiencies in real work/collaboration or more through realistic remote work services with convenience.
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